Hydrastar® Complete Trailer Kit – 1600 psi Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) Brake Actuator, Tandum Axle Brake Lines and Battery Break Away Kit

Industry leading Hydrastar® Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) brake actuators are easy to install and meets all Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) braking requirements. Hydrastar® has improved the stopping performance for trailers hauling horses, cars, construction and farm equipment, to provide maximum braking safety, in the industry’s fastest response time.

Industry leading Hydrastar® is here for you. We have you covered in all your safe and secure trailer braking needs. 


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  • 381-7067
    1600 psi Hydrastar® Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) Trailer-Mounted Brake Actuator

    • Durable, sealed, fully enclosed extruded anodized aluminum housing case to easily withstand the environmental and road demands. (not cast or plastic).
    • 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY from date of purchase.
    • Complies with CFR-393 Federal Braking Requirements and meets all Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations.
    • Designed for Drum and Disc Brakes with reliable 12 V DC operation and solid-state electronics.
    • Color-coded, heavy duty 12 Gauge wire for easy and quick install. (Black/Constant power, Blue/Brake controller, White/Ground, Yellow/Break-away)
    • 4 ft. Wire, Enough Length to Customize Any Job.
    • Required use of D.O.T. 3 or 4 Brake Fluid. (Not included.)
    • Compatible with any trailer configuration with 1-3 axles.
  • 496-152
    Hydrastar® Tandum Axle Hydraulic Brake Line Kit 15 ft., 3/16 in., 3000psi hydraulic brake pressure

    • The Hydrastar® Brake Line Kit includes:
      – Brake Lines
      – Fittings
      – Required Hardware
    • Corrosion resistant, high-performance alloy tubing backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.
    • Triple annealed and eddy-current tested, Hydrastar® brake lines are walled 40% thicker preventing kinking and allows simple routing and smooth bends without bending tools required.
    • Meets SAE J1650 Standards (0.028 in.)
    • Made in USA
  • 496-82
    Hydrastar® Push-To-Test, Built-In Battery Break Away Kit

    • Convenient PUSH button to test the charge and ensure peace of mind.
    • Kit includes:
      (1) Break-Away Battery Case
      (1) Battery
      (1) Battery Charger
      (1) Break-Away Switch


Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 12 in



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